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Where Have All The Heroes Gone

Posted on: May 11, 2009 3:51 pm
 I sit here writing this at an impass.  I thought I would never reach the day where I felt no obligation to care about any individual athlete.  I thought I would always have a connection to one individual player or another.  But alas, all of my heroes are long since retired and I see no viable candidates worthy enough to replace them.  Where have you all gone?  Where and why has the joy and passion to care about an athlete or team that I once so held dear just up and left.  Well, I can't say it is completely gone...thank god for the Detroit Tigers...but the level of passion for anything else is minimal by comparison.  As I look at the different leagues (i will break down each), it is just amazing that the love for them has gone away......

1)MLB-  Baseball is god!!!  To me there is no better sport out there.  As I stated, thank god for the Tigers, but this is because I grew up with them.  Where are the Heroes today???  All of mine are gone...Kirk Gibson, Alan Trammell, Jack Morris, Lance Parrish (home team!!)....Tony Gwynn, Wade Boggs, Mike Schmidt, Kirby Puckett, Paul Molitor (villians all to me, but still heroic in my eyes).  Todays "stars" are all tainted...doesn't matter to me if they are clean or not...Derek Jeter, Albert Pujols, Tori Hunter....I could name more, but it doesn't matter.  There is nobody that can come out of todays league for me due to the black eye created by so many others.....thanks alot Roger...thanks alot Manny...thanks alot Alex....The last player that I can truly call heroic in baseball will soon be gone.  Ken Griffey Jr. will be the last of my heores to play the game.  He will always be the ultimate villian for me, but damn will I miss it when he hangs it up....a true athlete to the fullest....I hope someday, there will be more for me to have a connection to....Justin Verlander, Evan Longoria, and Zack Grienke seem capable of this acheivement, but it is too early to say.....My love for baseball will always keep me watching, but my connection to the players needs to be repaired and long that takes, I do not know.....

2)NFL-  The ultimate team sport.....with the greatest number off prima donnas.  The Detroit Lions are my pride and joy...mainly cuz they suck and have no room for prima donna behavior.  I have never been connected to an individual player in this league since Barry Sanders retired.  Yes, there are plenty of huge stars in the NFL, but I can't root for them because they don't play for Detroit.  The NFL gets me as close to caring for individual athletes as much as possible, but I can't call any opposing player in the NFL a hero of mine.  I will pick sides when two teams play....I will root for individuals of that team when they perform well....i will boo when  the opposition does well against them, but no.....there will be no caring for a member of the opposite team here.  

3)NHL-  Since I have moved away from Michigan, it is near impossible to follow the Red Wings without forking out more than $100/month to watch them, so it does not happen.  Will I be happy to see them win another Stanley Cup????  Hell yes, but I will not be bothered if I can't see it for the rest of the league....I don't bother....only a few games are aired on VS.  Only a few games make it to NBC.  This league needs ESPN more than both parties are willing to admit to.  My heroes in this league...Yzerman, Ciccarelli and Coffey are long gone.  No tv has killed my chance to make more.  The Phoenix team(I live in AZ) is a joke.  

4)NBA- The NBA has sucked for years.  David Stern is the worst commisioner bar none.  I will get torched for this comment, but to put players above team ideology in this league has killed it.  The NBA used to be exciting....remember the tag line "its Fantastic"????  That belonged to teams in the '80s.....the best era of the league....that is where my heroes exist.  Yeah the Bad Boys were my team, but the Lakers and Celtics, as much as I despised them, were my heroes too.  The ultimate TEAMS of which no other era could compare.  The focus on individual talent now makes me sick.  Kobe...Lebron...Dwayne....they would all get their superstar asses kicked by the teams of the 80's.  I dare anybody to argue that point.  The Spurs come as close to those teams as you can, but they don't scream heoric to me....Denver is another that exudes team over individual talent....I hope they win the championship this year to rub it in Sterns face.  I won't watch the finals.  That is Stern's fault.  Watching the NBA playoffs has become as exausting as reading War and Peace.

5)NCAA-- Teams over individuals is still as close to pure as can be....but way too home team oriented (Mich St)for me to go crazy over individual athletes at this level....

6)NASCAR-- I watch it for the crashes....

7)PGA-- I am tired of Tiger and Phil

8)Boxing (not mma- can't stand mma)- I want a dominant Heavyweight to come around....boxing needs a dominant heavyweight...

....that is my rant until i think of something else to rant about.......have a nice day!!     
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Posted on: May 20, 2009 7:59 am

Where Have All The Heroes Gone

I enjoyed reading this.  I think it's almost impossible for an adult to feel as stong a connection to athletes as adults as they did when they were young.  I know that for me personally this is the case.  However in the case of the Detroit Tigers I will say I can see why kids would idolize guys like Curtis Granderson, Justin Verlander, Miguel Cabrera and Joel Zumaya.  They have personality, ability and are exciting. 

Who knows though a World Series Championship or improbably playoff run or dare I say (Superbowl someday) for the Lions could change this and maybe a connection of that strength could come of it.

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